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This site is dedicated to providing accurate, consistent, comprehensive and up to date information about the contemporary precious metals mining industry (gold and silver, but not PGM’s). While the figures published on this site are constantly under review, the site is only updated twice a year. In exceptional circumstances, where material errors and omissions are identified, these are updated as soon as possible.

The two updates each year will be in Q2 (March to June) and Q4 (October to December). The Q2 updates the actuals from the previous calendar years, and the initial forecast guidance for the current calendar year. The Q4 updates the initial guidance forecast for the current calendar year.

The reporting period will based on a rolling five year period. Currently, calendar years from 2019 to 2023, with 2019 to 2022 reflecting past (historical years) information and 2023 representing future (forecast year) information. In calendar year 2024, the range will be the five years from 2020 to 2024, inclusive, with 2019 dropping off.

What This Site Is Not

Addressing about this site, it is important to say what this site is not, even if the content overlaps with other similar sites.

It is not a specialist database detailing global mining facilities.

Specialist Mining Sites

It is not a specialist site about Artisanal & Small Scale Mining (ASM). Multiple IGOs and NGOs can be found dealing specifically with gold and other forms of ASM.

NGOs covering ASM

IGOs covering ASM

It is not a site about current or historical gold and silver prices.

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It is not a specialist site about investing in gold and silver.

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