List of Public Precious Metals Mining Companies

Publicly Quoted Precious Metals Companies

Publicly quoted precious metals mining companies are listed by type (Major, Intermediate, Junior) by stock exchange. Some companies are quoted on more than one exchange, therefore to ensure no double counting in the PMM numbers, companies are associated with a single primary exchange (usually the largest and/or one with the highest levels of transparency and disclosure).

All of the data tables shown below can be easily exported into Excel, either by using the button at the bottom right hand of the panel or by selecting the data itself.


The summary of all publicly quoted companies is set out below:

The exchanges with the largest number of mining companies are shown below, from largest to smallest (in terms of companies listed). Toronto Venture Exchange is clearly the largest exchange in terms of junior mining companies. Looking at majors and intermediates, the two Toronto exchanges and the Australian Stock Exchange are the largest in terms of the number of companies listed.


The 24 major mining companies listed in exchanges are set out below, in more detail. To be classified as a major, a company must have gold production of over 1moz, or silver production of over 20moz in at least one of the last five years.


There are over 300 Intermediate companies. These are companies producing precious metals which are not one of the 24 majors (and, by definition, are not juniors).


Refer to the Juniors Portal to access the current listing of publicly quoted junior mining companies.