Mine Infrastructure

Production by Mine Type

Mine infrastructure shows gold and silver production by mine type. Gold is primarily produced from gold and gold/silver mines. Silver is primarily produced from copper, gold/silver and lead/zinc mines. Refer to the Data Analysis page to see these figures in terms of their relative percentages.

Mines and Projects

Infrastructure consists of named deposits (concentrations of precious metals which are significant enough to have economic value) which are grouped into either mines (producing) or projects (by definition, not currently producing, but believed to have the economic potential to produce in the future).

For measurement definitions relating to infrastructure, refer to the definitions page.

Mine Types

LSM precious metals production is categorised as coming from one and only one mine type (to avoid double counting), these are either: gold, gold/silver, silver, copper, lead/zinc, or other (inc. PGM). ASM is categorised separately.

Not only are gold and silver is produced from precious metals mines (gold, silver or gold/silver), but they are produced as a by-product from base metal mines and polymetallic mines, including primarily: copper, lead/zinc or PGM mines.

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