State Owned Enterprises

Gold Production

State owned enterprises gold production represents around 10% of total global production. The countries identified in the table below is the country in which the operations are taking place. This is often, but not always, the country by which the enterprise is owned.

Silver Production

Types of State Owned Enterprises

State Ownership in mining is reflected in a couple of guises throughout the world and are set up either to administer Free Carry Interest (FCI) or a direct mining investment ownership by a government.

An example of mining investment ownership is CODELCO (CorporaciĆ³n Nacional del Cobre de Chile), the Chilean state-owned copper mining company and is a large producer of copper, with both gold and silver produced as a by-product.

An FCI company is a specific type of SOE, which allows the government of a country hosting a mine to own a share in the mine without having to own the mining company. The usual arrangement is to set up a company partly owned by the miner and partly owned by the hosting government. FCI companies are typically found in Africa, South America and Asia.

State Owned vs Publicly Owned

State Owned Enterprises that are quoted on a recognised stock exchange are included in the list of publicly quoted companies, even if they are normally regarded as an SOE.

To be 100% clear, by definition, if a State Owned Enterprise has shares quoted on a recognised stock exchange, it is included in the category of Publicly Owned Enterprise, not as a State Owned Enterprise.