Publicly Owned Enterprises

Primary Stock Exchange

Publicly owned enterprises which are quoted on two or more stock exchanges are identified with a single (primary) exchange, in order to avoid double counting. The primary exchange is chosen as either: the largest mining exchange (often Toronto) or the exchange in the country most closely associated with that company. For consistency, the constituent companies of each exchange are restated, based on which exchange they belong to in 2023. Notably, Polymetal re-listed on Astana Stock Exchange after previously being listed in London.

Gold production by publicly owned entities represents around 60% of total global production.

Drilling down into gold, the largest exchange is the Toronto Stock Exchange, which consists of the following companies:

Further drilling down into the largest company – Barrick Gold, which consists of the following properties:

In the majority of cases, certainly for those companies like Barrick, which are quoted on international style stock exchanges, these totals can be validated against the company’s publicly available reporting.