Privately Owned & Low Disclosure Enterprises

Privately Owned Production

Privately owned enterprises gold production is estimated to represent roughly 10% of total global production.

Why are there so few Privately Owned Mining Companies?

Precious metals mining is resource intensive, meaning that there are relatively few private companies which have the scale to own metals mining operations outright. The largest private companies are based in Russia and Kazakhstan, and are usually associated with particular very high net worth families or individuals.

Privately owned mining companies, where ever they are in the world, do not typically adhere to the transparent reporting standards set adopted by most publicly owned companies.

Low Disclosure Enterprises

Low Disclosure Enterprise data is kept separate to ensure that any useful analysis is not tarnished. The low disclosure may be a direct result of nature of the enterprise or the state in which it operates. Low Disclosure Enterprises are publicly owned or state owned enterprises which act like private enterprises in that they do no fully disclose the result of their activities.